The B&B Ponte del Tonno is in the center of Garbagna, a small town in the Italian countryside.

The house is made of stones and it was built in 1888 by Mr Attilio’s great-grandfather, called ‘Tonno’. The literary translation of ‘Ponte del Tonno’ is ‘Tuna’s Bridge’.

The structure is the typical one of the country house, in fact the court is surrounded by farmsteads and sheds. Beyond them there are the kitchen-garden, the orchard and the poultry-pen. In the first half of the last century, the building was an inn so Mrs Alma, Attilio’s wife, had the idea of restoring it and turned it into a bed and breakfast.

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B&B Ponte del Tonno
- via XIV marzo 70 - 15050 Garbagna (AL) - Telefono:(+39) 333.6649295 / (+39) 339.8093332